Speaking Engagement: NWABR/ACRP Clinical Trial Conference

VP of Legal Affairs, Mitchell Parrish, and Manager of Legal Affairs, Dominic Chiarelli, will present on changing industry regulations, specifically regulations that transform clinical trials. The Kinetiq thought leaders will do into detail on what the changes are and how exactly they will, or already do, change the way research is conducted.


About the Speakers

Mitchell Parrish, JD, RAC, CIP, leads the Kinetiq Legal and Regulatory teams, driving consultation on pressing issues impacting innovative medical research, digital health, and software designed to support clinical trials. Mitchell has held both in-house and outside counsel roles, having served as an associate attorney at the global law firm K&L Gates, consultant to the National Cancer Institute, and regulatory counsel to a global provider of medical research review services. He frequently speaks and writes on FDA regulatory, clinical trial, and IRB topics, including authorship of chapters on prescription drug labeling and on research in pediatric populations in the most recent edition of the Fundamentals of US Regulatory Affairs.

Dominic Chiarelli, JD, is the Manager of Legal Affairs. Dominic served as a Regulatory Attorney at Quorum Review IRB prior to joining Kinetiq, and he has in-depth knowledge of FDA, OHRP, and HIPAA laws and regulations. He has past experience as a regulatory analyst and IRB member for pediatric research, in addition to working as a research assistant for three major academic research centers in the U.S., Australia, and Spain.


About the Conference

The NWABR/ACRP collaborative conference was designed for clinical research professionals who have the role of ensuring the ongoing integrity of research within their institutions. The topics were selected following a survey of nearly 200 clinical research professionals.  The theme for this conference is: Maintaining Quality Research in a Rapidly Changing Environment.

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