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Research Administration

Revitalize Research Administration

Streamline and fortify the research architecture of your health system.

Strong research administration infrastructure is critical for success in today’s ever-growing and consolidating research industry. Kinetiq helps you move your research forward by recognizing and confronting the challenges of drug and device discovery.

Transform Your Research Administration

Kinetiq improves critical research components:
• Clinical operations (GCP, GLP, ICH)
• Research finance, contracting, and clinical billing
• Coverage analysis and billing compliance
• Human research protection programs
• Acquired entity integrations
• Technology transfer programs

Kinetiq Delivers Solutions to Your Administrative Challenges

Health systems and research institutes are committed to driving innovative improvements in patient care. Our expertise in administrative assessment and change management—along with practical tools and SOPs—drive revenue and ensure regulations-compliant research.

Interim Staffing Support

We Provide Interim Staffing for a Variety of Positions

If you have an experience gap or vacant position, we can help fill the void for roles like these and more:
• VP of Research Administration
• Director of Research Finance
• Director of Clinical Operations

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Lisa Pitler
Managing Director, Research Administration/HRPP

A nationally renowned expert in research administration.

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