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Our consultants have decades of research experience in exciting fields from international research, to biobanking and tissue procurement, to laboratory assays and in vitro diagnostics, to healthcare software applications, to social-behavioral studies, to investigator-initiated research, and they will deliver ready-to-review documents to fit your needs.

Protocol Development

Protocol Development

Experts with direct experience in research plan development and IRB review work with your organization to craft a protocol that fits your business needs. The Kinetiq protocol development team delivers scientifically sound, regulatorily compliant protocols that are ready to present to any IRB.

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Medical Writing

Medical Writing

Go beyond the protocol.

The Kinetiq medical writing team offers a full suite of IRB-tailored clinical trial documents and services, including: recruitment materials, consent forms, grants, investigator brochures, and device manuals. We also develop educational websites and brochures.

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Aarthi Iyer
Managing Director, Regulatory Consulting

An experienced regulatory and research attorney.

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