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IBC Development

Helping Your IBC Reach Its Full Potential

More and more patients are seeking the opportunity to access novel DNA and RNA based therapies, often accessible only through gene therapy and immunotherapy research.

Kinetiq is deeply versed in the highly specialized requirements for conducting gene therapy and immunotherapy research, and our consultants have worked to support multiple Institutional Biosafety Committees (IBCs) as either a chair, a member, or an expert consultant.

We provide you with the tools you need to develop an IBC that is uniquely yours.

IBC Rapid Start

IBC Rapid Start

Kinetiq provides a single, unified set of policies, procedures, and forms that are compliant with all regulatory requirements, as well as on-site staff training to ensure that all roles, responsibilities, and processes are understood and actionable.

Build Your IBC

Interim Staffing Support

Staffing Solutions

Overcome your temporary staffing challenges with Kinetiq interim staffing for IBCs. We offer on-site or remote administrative support to assist in ensuring the effectiveness of your IBC program and your ability to meet applicable guidelines.

Overcome IBC Staffing Gaps

IBC Support

IBC Support

Lean on Kinetiq to give your organization direct, on-demand access to experienced regulatory professionals who can advise on regulations and changing guidelines, as well as provide education and staff training.

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