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Site Readiness

Is Your Organization eConsent Ready?

More and more sponsors prefer to work with eConsent-ready sites.

Kinetiq offers an out-of-the-box toolkit to ensure a smooth transition from paper to electronic consent while maintaining compliance and operational efficiency. The team, templates, and tools help you prepare for eConsent enabled studies that use eConsent solutions from all vendors.

Get your site eConsent ready today.

eConsent Site Readiness Assessment

Readiness Assessment

Identify gaps in policy, procedures, and compliance.
Kinetiq clinical operations specialists conduct a site readiness assessment. Clients receive a comprehensive gap analysis and remediation plan if necessary, including a checklist to evaluate eConsent readiness.

On-Site Training

On-Site Training

Prepare your clinical operations teams.
Our subject matter experts provide on-site training to help research site staff understand how eConsent technologies work, what regulations apply, and how IRBs review eConsent systems. We also make recommendations on how to improve patient retention and recruitment.



Demonstrate your commitment to 21st century consenting.
Kinetiq consultants support sites through all phases of remediation and readiness for eConsent providing custom solutions, including:

  • Template SOPs, procedures, and practices
  • Compliance analysis
  • Operational efficiency
  • Integration with CTMS and other site systems
  • Part 11 compliance tools

Is your organization looking for an efficient eConsent solution?

Find out about Q Consent: the only IRB-integrated eConsent solution developed by Kinetiq.
Q Consent improves accuracy, accelerates study startup, and ensures compliance and security.

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