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Kinetiq is a consulting and technology organization that delivers innovative solutions to the challenges of human subject protection and compliance in clinical research. We deliver solutions that enable clinical researchers, research institutions, and pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies to navigate a changing landscape.

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Phonetic pronunciation of Ki·net·iq or Ke'nedik.

From “kinetic,” meaning related to motion. Motion is change. Done correctly, change creates a competitive edge. Motion in an organization is an opportunity to examine an old problem in a new way, with the goal of generating a more efficient solution.


Our consultants provide the support needed to transform your research organization. We specialize in custom solutions to fit your organization's unique needs in clinical trials, human research protection issues, and more.
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Kinetiq is reshaping the life sciences industry. We build robust and scalable solutions that deliver value to our clients. Our laser focus on quality enables seamlessly integration of technology that is secure and easy to use.
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We believe that education is the cornerstone of improvement. Kinetiq continually educates on the newest regulatory changes, research methodologies, and technological advancements.

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